Say Goodbye to Microsoft Windows 11 and Welcome Nitrux 3.5.1, the Secure, Lightweight Linux Alternative

129 views 8:01 pm 0 Comments July 3, 2024

Nitrux 3.5.1 is being positioned as a strong alternative for current Windows 11 users. The release emphasizes greater hardware support flexibility and prioritizes user privacy, which stands in contrast to the privacy policies of Windows. This version brings key updates such as the latest software, including Firefox version 127.0.2, updated drivers for NVIDIA and AMD, and an enhanced MESA 3D Graphics Library at version 24.1.2.

Running on the Linux kernel 6.9.7-1 (Liquorix), Nitrux 3.5.1 offers improved compatibility and performance across various hardware platforms. Furthermore, Nitrux 3.5.1’s ISO size has been reduced to 2.80 GiB from the previous 4.28 GiB, making downloads and installations quicker and appealing to users with bandwidth constraints. The release has also enhanced its security measures, acknowledging that no system can be entirely “unhackable.”

The developers have continued refining their security protocols, including updates to vital system tools like Bluez for Bluetooth management and lm-sensors for monitoring hardware health, crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of the operating system. For users considering a transition from Windows 11, Nitrux 3.5.1 presents a customizable, lightweight alternative without compromising on functionality or privacy. With its updated components, reduced footprint, and commitment to security, Nitrux 3.5.1 caters to both new users and seasoned Linux enthusiasts seeking a fresh and efficient operating system.

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