Microsoft is developing an incredible new PowerToys module for Windows power users.

37 views 8:01 am 0 Comments July 3, 2024

New+ is a module designed to enhance the capabilities of the New entry in the Windows content menu. Its primary focus is to enable users to create files and folders from a personalized set of templates. The module targets Windows power-users, developers, and regular users who frequently create files or folders with similar content, such as VS Code development projects, job applications, and scripts. The current Windows menu only allows for the creation of new, empty folders or documents, leaving ample room for new options.

New+ addresses this by providing sample templates, with plans to introduce a template marketplace for easy sharing and reviews. Additionally, there is talk of integrating artificial intelligence, potentially using GenAI to aid in the creation of objects through customizable prompts. The developer, Christian Gaardmark, acknowledges the existing demand for such capabilities, given the availability of third-party utilities that enhance the New menu. The module is already generating interest and is expected to evolve to cater to a broad user base.

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