Switching from Microsoft Windows 11 to Linux-based EndeavourOS: The Ultimate Transition

28 views 2:01 am 0 Comments July 1, 2024

KDE Plasma 6.1 is now available for both live and offline installations, with a refined user interface. This version also addresses specific issues, including installation crashes related to deselecting EOS apps in Calamares and language selection adjustments for Italian users.

In addition, the legacy r8168 driver package has been removed from the default installation options, reflecting updates in the Arch repository. Most legacy Realtek hardware is now supported directly by the Linux kernel.

Alongside these updates, EndeavourOS has reintroduced its ARM project, led by developer Pudge, who has returned after a short break. The project now offers pre-configured downloadable images for ARM-based devices such as Raspberry Pi 4b and 5b, Odroid N2, and Pinebook Pro, simplifying the installation process.

For installations on older hardware using legacy BIOS, the update includes a vital workaround: creating an 8 MiB partition flagged as BIOS-GRUB using a GPT partition table ensures the correct installation of the bootloader. EndeavourOS continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, offering a compelling alternative for those considering a switch from Microsoft Windows 11.

With enhanced ARM support and a simplified installation process, users can experience a flexible Linux environment that stands in contrast to the traditional Windows ecosystem.

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