0patch to ensure Windows 10 security for five more years after Microsoft discontinuation

39 views 6:01 am 0 Comments July 1, 2024

Windows 10 is nearing the end of its free security updates from Microsoft, making the transition to Windows 11 the only “free” way to ensure continued security. However, many users are hesitant to upgrade due to reasons such as a preference for the familiar Windows 10 interface or hardware incompatibility. Canalys estimates that 240 million computers worldwide do not meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11. These requirements include TPM 2.0, a supported CPU, 4GB RAM, UEFI firmware with Secure Boot capability, or a supported GPU.

Leaving a Windows 10 computer unpatched after October 2025 may expose it to critical vulnerabilities within the first month. However, there are alternative solutions available for keeping Windows 10 secure after its end-of-life. Microsoft offers Extended Security Updates (ESU) for up to three additional years at different pricing levels for educational institutions and commercial organizations. Another alternative, 0patch, provides “micropatches” that are small updates applied in memory without requiring a system reboot.

This service offers different pricing tiers, with options for individual users and small businesses (0patch PRO) as well as larger organizations (0patch Enterprise), which includes central management and enterprise-level features. Additionally, 0patch covers “0day” vulnerabilities, “Wontfix” patches for issues that Microsoft decides not to address, and updates for non-Microsoft software like Adobe Reader and Zoom.

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