Farewell to Microsoft Windows 11: Nitrux Linux 3.5.0 is the ideal operating system!

32 views 8:01 pm 0 Comments June 3, 2024

The latest release of Nitrux, version 3.5.0, is now available for download. It aims to provide an enhanced Linux experience with robust hardware support and cutting-edge software, offering an alternative to the limitations of Windows 11.

Nitrux 3.5.0 includes essential updates such as Firefox 126.0.1, KDE Plasma 5.27.11, and the NVIDIA Display Driver 555.42.02. It integrates the Linux 6.8.12-1 kernel, ensuring compatibility with the latest hardware and positioning Nitrux as an appealing choice for those disappointed by the constraints of Windows 11.

A standout feature of Nitrux 3.5.0 is its commitment to security, with enhanced kernel settings that guard against memory leaks, buffer overflows, and other vulnerabilities. Improvements such as Z Standard (zstd) compression boost system responsiveness under load.

For gaming enthusiasts, Nitrux 3.5.0 not only supports Xbox controllers but also includes performance tweaks like enabling Transparent Hugepages (THP) and reducing memory page fragmentation. Additionally, the introduction of the “async” runlevel in OpenRC optimizes boot times by deferring non-essential services.

Nitrux caters to advanced hardware configurations with updates to driver support for AMD GPUs and Intel Wireless adapters. Its KDE Plasma-powered interface provides a user-friendly environment, while tools like Maui Apps and CoreCtrl simplify hardware and software management, making it accessible even for Linux newcomers.

Furthermore, this release addresses numerous bugs and stability issues from previous versions, ensuring a reliable and efficient operating system experience.

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