Switch from Microsoft Windows 11 to Linux Lite 7.0, based on Ubuntu, and say hello!

36 views 6:01 pm 0 Comments June 1, 2024

The release of Linux Lite 7.0, also known as “Galena,” presents an appealing alternative for those seeking a mature and user-friendly option. With 12 years of development, Linux Lite has incorporated user-suggested features, enhancing its robust and secure foundation.

This makes it an attractive choice for users looking to move away from the constantly changing landscapes of Windows. The update includes changes to the Lite Welcome feature and new installation slides, creating a more welcoming environment for new users.

The latest version offers extensive customization options through its repository, from older kernels to the latest updates. This ensures that users can maintain their system’s security without added stress, although disabling Secure Boot is recommended for a smoother experience.

By focusing on simplicity and maturity, Linux Lite 7.0 provides a compelling reason to consider making the switch.

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