Microsoft is prepared to make VBScript optional in Windows 11 24H2, signaling its eventual retirement.

45 views 10:01 am 0 Comments May 24, 2024

The timeline for the deprecation of VBScript extends into 2027. In that year, VBScript will become a FOD (feature on demand), but it will be disabled by default. Finally, Microsoft will completely remove the feature from Windows.

The company has provided guidance on the potential implications of this change. The VBScript language has been a system component in Windows OS and has been widely used for automating tasks and controlling applications on Windows-based systems. This language is often embedded within HTML pages to add dynamic interactivity and functionality.

Additionally, it is commonly used in conjunction with Microsoft technologies like Active Server Pages (ASP) and Windows Script Host (WSH). However, the advancement of technology has led to the availability of more modern and efficient scripting options. More powerful and versatile scripting languages such as JavaScript and PowerShell have emerged over the years.

These languages offer broader capabilities and are better suited for modern web development and automation tasks. When VBScript is retired and removed from Windows, all related dynamic link libraries (.dll files) will also be wiped out. This means that projects reliant on VBScript will cease to function.

This prolonged timeline for deprecation is due to the potential impact on existing projects.

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