Donald Trump’s luxurious golden apartment featured in House & Garden magazine.

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The apartment overlooks Central Park from the top three floors of Trump Tower in New York – floors 66 to 68 – and was decorated to emulate the Palace of Versailles, decked out in 24-carat gold, marble, and mirrors. It’s not an apartment that Trump has ever been shy of showing off, and he used it liberally on many episodes of *The Apprentice*. “I own the top three floors—the whole floor, times three!”

he exclaimed. The end result was a 10,996 square foot property, so a third of the size that Trump declared, with a real worth calculated at $64 million. On the same tour with *Forbes*, Trump pointed to a door and said ‘I leased that little section to Michael Jackson.

I knew him better than anybody’ but again, this turned out to be not true on two counts. Firstly, the door he pointed to led to a mechanical space and secondly, Jackson lived on the 63rd floor for some time, not the 66th. Regardless of the true facts and whether or not you have a taste for extravagant rococo decoration, the apartment is certainly something to boast about, offering unparalleled views and ample space for the family of three.

According to *, Melania and Donald’s son Barron had his own floor in the apartment – where he used to draw on the walls – which may explain why he did not immediately take to the move to the White House.

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