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Windows 11 can be installed without a product key, leaving the operating system in an unactivated state. Despite this, the system works well in most areas, allowing users to install programs, use the Microsoft Store, update the operating system, and make administrative changes.

However, Microsoft may soon block access to some Microsoft Edge settings, displaying notifications that Windows 11 is not activated. For instance, on unactivated systems, Edge displays a notice in Settings that states, “We notice your Windows is not activated, some customization has been limited.”

Currently, only a few settings are blocked, such as the “When Edge starts” preference, preventing users from changing how Edge opens. It is currently not possible to switch from Edge’s new tab page to another start page or reset the previous session.

It is a work in progress, and it is possible that Microsoft will add more restrictions to the browser’s settings in future updates. However, there is no official statement from Microsoft about these changes or the motivation behind them.

While these changes may impact consumers, the likelier target seems to be organizations. For organizations, the implications may be more severe, as employees may be required to use Edge.

This could lead to employees questioning the activation message or reporting the incident. This in turn could drive some home users to switch to a different browser.

Overall, the feature raises questions, particularly regarding its impact on organizations and the potential for driving users to other browsers.

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