Fedora Asahi Remix 40: Bringing Linux to Apple Silicon Mac

139 views 12:01 am 0 Comments May 10, 2024

Yes, you can run Fedora Linux on your Mac with ease! This new release incorporates all the innovative enhancements of Fedora Linux 40 and introduces conformant OpenGL 4.6 support specifically for Apple Silicon. This development promises enhanced graphics performance and broader application support, making it a pivotal update for users of Apple’s hardware. Highlighting its commitment to a robust user experience, Fedora Asahi Remix promises impeccable audio quality right from the start and supports a wide array of devices.

For those who favor KDE, the Remix debuts KDE Plasma 6 as the primary desktop environment, providing a sleek, modern interface that matches the sophistication of Fedora’s offerings. Additionally, a Calamares-based setup wizard customizes the initial configuration to ensure a smooth user introduction. Not to be outdone, the GNOME variant also makes a strong showing with GNOME 46, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and improvements from the GNOME community. For users who enjoy customization and building systems tailored to their specific needs, the Minimal image offers a clean slate to craft a unique computing environment.

Those currently using Fedora Asahi Remix 39 can upgrade their systems via the established Fedora upgrade process, ensuring a seamless transition to the latest version.

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