Microsoft Makes Extended Security Updates for Windows 10 Available to Consumers for Purchase

51 views 12:15 pm 0 Comments April 17, 2024

Microsoft has made an unexpected decision to offer Extended Security Updates (ESU) to all Windows 10 users when the operating system reaches end of service. This program was previously only available to larger organizations and enterprise customers, but it is now accessible to home users as well. By extending ESU to all users, Microsoft acknowledges the likelihood of a substantial number of people continuing to use Windows 10. The company’s move indicates its intention to profit from this situation.

With this decision, Microsoft will no longer provide bug fixes, security updates, time zone updates, or technical support for Windows 10 after the end of service date. Although Microsoft strongly advises transitioning to Windows 11, it recognizes that some users may not be able to do so before the end of support date. Therefore, it will offer Extended Security Updates on an annual subscription basis, providing access to security updates for up to three years. However, these updates will be limited to security fixes, as Windows 10 will not receive any new features.

Individual consumers and organizations choosing to continue using Windows 10 after October 14, 2025, will have the option to enroll their devices in the paid ESU program. This will enable them to receive Critical and Important security updates through an annual subscription service after the end of support. More details, including pricing, will be provided at a later date. Overall, the ESU program aims to provide individuals and organizations with the option to prolong the use of Windows 10 in a more secure manner beyond the end of support date.

Microsoft encourages users to upgrade to Windows 11 for the best and most secure computing experience.

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