SDesk ISO 19 release: Farewell to Microsoft Windows 11, and welcome to Linux

42 views 8:01 am 0 Comments June 25, 2024

The latest version of the Linux-based operating system introduces the “linux-zen” kernel as the default. This update brings scheduler improvements, multiple optimizations, and additional kernel modules shipped by default. A notable change in this release is the removal of the “Blur my Shell” extension, which was visually appealing but was a resource hog. Additionally, SDesk has enriched its feature set by including GNOME 46 and the Wayland Windowing System.

The operating system also includes a complete LibreOffice suite and exclusive apps like the Swirl Web Browser, providing a comprehensive productivity environment out of the box. SDesk promises superior performance and boot times compared to Windows 11, with a polished user interface that includes popular features like native window snapping, a system tray, and virtual desktops. With a user-friendly rolling release cycle, updates are seamless and non-intrusive, offering the latest software effortlessly. This release aims to be a compelling alternative to Windows 11 for those seeking a robust, efficient, and feature-packed operating system.

It is suggested that now is the perfect time to make the switch.

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