Analysis of IT Industry in 2024: Auvik

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Our IT industry analysis has revealed several key insights. We have observed a dynamic landscape of IT trends, characterized by a growing demand for IT services alongside talent shortages, resource limitations, and tool sprawl. The trend is primarily driven by persistent talent shortages, resource constraints, and the challenges of managing a multitude of tools.

Despite an overall increase in IT budgets, staffing has emerged as the primary challenge this year, overtaking budget constraints. This shift suggests that the IT sector continues to struggle with acquiring and retaining the necessary talent to manage expanding responsibilities, such as the increased use of SaaS applications. Furthermore, our findings indicate that a significant portion of IT professionals spend between 10 and 20 hours per week on reactive tasks, resulting in a major drain on resources.

This has led to difficulties in prioritizing proactive planning within IT departments. In government settings, this time commitment is even higher, with professionals spending 20+ hours on these tasks. We have also discovered a disparity between C-suite management and IT technicians regarding the preparedness of network toolsets to meet the needs of remote or hybrid workforces.

While 58% of C-suite respondents strongly agree that their network toolset is prepared for these needs, only 35% of IT technicians share this sentiment. This suggests a gap between management’s perception and the actual difficulties faced in the field. Additionally, 43% of IT professionals have expressed a desire to address certain tasks but cited a lack of time as the main barrier preventing them from doing so.

Despite an increase in budgets, the majority of IT professionals have reported limited or zero visibility on all SaaS and web applications that were asked about. These findings highlight the challenges faced by IT professionals in managing their workload and adopting proactive approaches amidst the evolving landscape of IT trends.

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