Record High Cybersecurity Workforce, Growing Skills Gap

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The guide offers advice to organizations on various aspects, such as identifying and supporting new recruits, and retaining skilled employees with diverse backgrounds. One recommendation is to seek young talent directly through social media, tech communities, and gaming arcades, rather than relying solely on traditional job portals. It also suggests looking at transferable and non-technical skills when hiring, such as leveraging a finance professional’s risk management capabilities in the cybersecurity industry.

Continuous training and mentoring are highlighted as crucial for keeping new hires and existing staff up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the fast-moving security industry. Amanda Finch, CEO of CIISec, emphasizes the need to improve hiring practices and retain talent within the cybersecurity industry to avoid losing out to other sectors. She stresses that supporting staff at all levels is essential for their success.

The text emphasizes the importance of providing employees with a fully defined career path and adequate support, as data from CIISec shows that only 14 percent of cybersecurity professionals have a clear career trajectory. Additionally, offering competitive salaries is vital to retaining talent, especially as new graduates may seek roles that maximize their earnings early in their careers. Furthermore, the guide stresses the urgency of greater diversity within cybersecurity teams.

Clar Rosso, CEO at ISC2, emphasizes the need to shift the mindset and recognize that individuals with the right skills do not necessarily come from a traditional cyber background.

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