Microsoft introduces new features to Windows 10 through KB5039211 update.

141 views 12:01 am 0 Comments June 13, 2024

The release of the KB5039211 update not only fixed issues such as the lsass.exe memory leak but also introduced new features to the aging operating system. The Snipping Tool receives a major update that will be appreciated by Android users.

Moreover, the KB5039211 update addresses several security problems with Windows 10, albeit some known issues remain from the previous KB5037849 preview update. One of the addressed issues is the unresponsiveness that occurs on Windows servers after installing the April 2024 security updates, as well as the memory leak during an LSARPC call.

The new feature allows users to link their Android mobile device to their PC, enabling the Snipping Tool to open when a photo or screenshot is taken on the Android device. To activate this feature, the user needs to go to Settings > Mobile devices, allow the PC to access the mobile devices, select Manage devices and then proceed to link the Android phone using the Add device option.

It is noted that this feature may not be immediately available to all users, as it will roll out progressively. Furthermore, the update brings several other changes, including fixes for issues related to hidden windows, the Share button on USB controllers, authentication of second Microsoft Entra ID account, removal of a server from a domain, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app unresponsiveness, IPP-over-USB printers, TWAIN drivers in a virtual environment, Country and Operator Settings Asset (COSA) profiles, and Unified Write Filter (UWF) Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) API calls.

These changes aim to enhance the overall user experience and address various issues encountered in the system.

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