Microsoft Introduces Copilot to Telegram

37 views 4:01 am 0 Comments May 30, 2024

Copilot is a new AI tool available on Telegram that allows users to interact with it by typing natural language commands, making it easy and familiar to use. It is designed to answer queries, offer travel advice, update sports scores, and give movie recommendations. To access Copilot, Telegram users can follow a direct link if they are already using the app or web platform, or search for @CopilotOfficialBot in Telegram’s search bar. Currently, Copilot is free for all users and is available across various operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, as well as via web browsers.

As an AI tool, Copilot generates responses based on internet content, and users are encouraged to consider the context of the generated content and verify information where necessary. Microsoft, the developer of Copilot, is committed to developing AI in an ethical and responsible manner, and privacy is a key consideration for the company. By integrating Copilot into Telegram, Microsoft aims to make its AI tools more ubiquitous and to integrate them into the digital experiences of a diverse user base. This expansion of Microsoft’s AI capabilities could potentially reshape how users interact with technology on a global scale.

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