Spotify discontinues Car Thing, intentionally bricking devices and advising users to discard them

47 views 12:01 am 0 Comments May 27, 2024

Spotify has decided to discontinue its Car Thing device, just months after its launch, and it will be fully discontinued by the end of the year. This move will render the devices non-functional, leaving users with a useless piece of hardware. The company has advised users to reset and recycle their Car Thing according to local electronic waste guidelines. The date for the discontinuation is December 9, and there are no plans for a follow-up or alternative device.

In a support document about the discontinuation, Spotify emphasized that the decision to discontinue Car Thing was not taken lightly and assured users of its ongoing commitment to providing a superior listening experience. However, this announcement is likely to disappoint Car Thing fans, who will not receive any compensation for the discontinued device. The company has recommended contacting local waste disposal departments to determine how to dispose of or recycle Car Thing in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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