Microsoft’s New Recall Tool in Windows 11 could be its most effective use of AI yet.

20 views 4:01 am 0 Comments May 22, 2024

The latest generation of computers comes equipped with neural processing units (NPU), enabling on-device AI tasks without relying on internet data transmission. Microsoft has introduced Recall, previously known as AI Explorer, as a powerful workflow tool harnessing this technology. It records and maintains a timeline of computing activities, providing instant access to content.

Described by Microsoft as the ultimate productivity assistant, Recall takes regular desktop snapshots for use in searches. Users have full control over recorded apps and activities, and all data processing is done locally to ensure privacy. Recall addresses the challenges of the modern workplace, where people grapple with a deluge of meetings, messages, files, and information.

Users can quickly locate desktop content by describing it using text or visual search, and Recall displays relevant snapshots akin to a photographic memory. Users can seamlessly proceed with their workflow directly from the snapshot, including relaunching the original content in a webpage or Microsoft 365 app. Enhanced privacy controls allow users to dictate the information captured by Recall, and IT admins can leverage Microsoft Intune to disable snapshot saving or filter specific apps and websites.

Currently, Recall is exclusive to Copilot+ PCs. There is a possibility that a modified version may be released to other Windows 11 users in the future, but Microsoft has not indicated any such plans at this time.

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