Microsoft resolves Windows 11 VPN problems and introduces ads in Start menu with KB5037771 update.

33 views 12:01 am 0 Comments May 16, 2024

This release includes numerous fixes related to domain controllers, VPNs, and SMB clients. Additionally, there are several security updates, as well as some controversial changes such as the introduction of ads in the Start menu, referred to as app recommendations by Microsoft. Other changes involve enhancements to Widgets and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2). The apps are now sourced from a select group of curated developers, improving their quality and reliability.

One of the fixes addresses an issue with Settings, preventing it from responding when dismissing a flyout menu. Although the KB5037771 update brings various improvements, it also introduces an unresolved problem related to changing user account profile pictures. Microsoft is currently working on a resolution for this issue. The update also introduces new mobile device management (MDM) policies, support for Arm64 .msi files, and various fixes such as addressing low latency network issues and a race condition that could prevent a machine from starting up.

Other updates include improvements to memory allocations and issues affecting various components like universal printers, container networking, hypervisor-protected code integrity, and Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) hardware offload. In addition, changes have been made to the Host Networking Service (HNS), Protected Process Light (PPL) protections, the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC), Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS), and the Resilient File System (ReFS), among others.

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