Microsoft optimizes delivery of Windows 10 updates as it did with Windows 11.

66 views 4:33 am 0 Comments May 3, 2024

The company claims that Windows 10 is evolving to be more like Windows 11, with Microsoft using techniques such as removing reverse differentials from the cumulative update package to significantly reduce update sizes. Microsoft explains that the new Windows 11 cumulative updates are more efficient than update packages for Windows 10, achieved through efficient packaging and the removal of reverse differentials from the cumulative update package. This feature will be available beginning with the April 23, 2024 (KB5036979) monthly release, helping users and organizations conserve network bandwidth. For example, the April 9, 2024 (KB5036892) release was 830 MB, while the April 23, 2024 (KB5036979) release is only 650 MB.

In addition, Microsoft provides tips for those using images to deploy Windows 10 to new devices. To take advantage of the smaller LCU packages, administrators must first check if they have serviced their image since the July 23, 2023 update (KB5028244). If they have not, they should apply the standalone SSU KB5031539, followed by an April 23 or later quality update.

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