How to Disable Start Menu Ads for All Windows 11 Users

39 views 12:14 am 0 Comments April 29, 2024

Microsoft released a new optional preview update for Windows 11 this week, introducing a new feature. The changes included in the update will be rolled out to all Windows 11 devices as part of the May 2024 cumulative security update. This testing and rollout process occurred at a record pace, initially limited to Windows 11 users in the United States. There was a hint that the change might be pulled before it was implemented in stable versions of Windows 11.

A slightly modified version of the feature has now landed in the optional update for Windows 11 Stable. Advertised apps now have a “promoted” label to distinguish them from user-installed apps. A screenshot depicts a promotion for the Opera Browser with the promoted label and the description “browse safely.” It is unclear who adds descriptions to listings—whether it is the company that owns the product or Microsoft.

Other than that, no other visible changes have been observed. The Recommended section of the Start menu will display some Microsoft Store apps from a curated set of developers, aiding users in discovering available apps. This update disables the feature in the Windows 11 Start menu.

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