Google is making it more difficult to block ads on YouTube.

47 views 4:13 pm 0 Comments April 16, 2024

Google has announced that it is increasing its efforts to restrict ad-blocking tools, which many people use to avoid paying for YouTube Premium. According to an announcement in the YouTube Community, the company is strengthening its enforcement on third-party apps that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service, specifically ad-blocking apps.

While acknowledging that some users prefer an ad-free experience, Google emphasizes the availability of YouTube Premium for this purpose. The company also clarifies that third-party apps are only permitted to use the API when they adhere to the API Services Terms of Service, and any violations will result in appropriate action to protect the platform, creators, and viewers.

Although Google has not identified any specific apps, it is anticipated that many YouTube users will express frustration in the coming weeks. The company highlights YouTube Premium as the official ad-free solution, but acknowledges that it may be costly for many individuals.

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