Switch to Redcore Linux Hardened 2401 to escape Microsoft’s frustration with Windows 11.

139 views 2:01 am 0 Comments February 16, 2024

Redcore offers a versatile kernel lineup, making it a strong choice for those looking to move away from Windows 11. This includes the default Linux kernel v6.6.13 LTS, as well as older versions v6.1 LTS and v5.15 LTS in its repositories. Notably, the landlock LSM is now enabled by default, enhancing application security.

Sisyphus, the core of Redcore’s package management, has undergone a complete rewrite. This overhaul has separated the backend from the frontend, resulting in a cleaner API. This has led to improvements such as better package suggestions and enhanced handling of similarly named packages.

Prospective users should be aware that hardware acceleration is necessary in virtual machine environments for optimal live session functionality. This release highlights Redcore’s dedication to providing a stable, efficient, and secure Linux experience. It’s worth keeping an eye on this distribution as it continues to evolve and refine the Linux landscape.

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