Convert Windows 10 or 11 to Windows 7 or Vista with just one command.

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This method allows you to transform Windows 8 or later into Windows 7 or Vista. The process involves typing a command into the Run box, and most tasks will be handled automatically, although you can add extra features if desired. The command to type in is: powershell irm | iex.

Once you press OK and confirm the UAC prompt, the transformation process will begin. For Windows 11, tamper protection in Virus and Threat Protection Settings needs to be turned off beforehand. It’s important to note that there is a degree of risk involved in this process, so it’s not recommended for systems relied on every day.

The script changes the appearance of the operating system but not the operating system itself. Compatibility varies depending on the Windows release, and a list is provided for reference. The script restores the old boot screen, login dialog, security options, Windows 7 taskbar, Start menu, and older games, and also includes extra features such as Windows Media Center.

To enable the Windows Vista theme, type “VistaToggle” into the Run box and follow the instructions. To disable the theme, repeat the process. Windows Media Player 11 can also be installed if needed.

To revert to the original operating system, uninstall all theme-related programs installed by the script.

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