Linux enthusiast creates incredible tool to eliminate ads from Windows 11

58 views 6:01 pm 0 Comments May 6, 2024

The advice often given by Linux users is to consider switching from Windows 11 to one of the many available Linux distros. However, for many Windows users, this advice is not helpful as they have specific reasons for choosing Windows and may not want to switch to Linux.

Recognizing this, a Linux fan has developed a utility called OFGB (Oh Frick Go Back) to address one of the biggest annoyances of Windows 11 – the ads that appear throughout the operating system. This utility provides a simple interface to remove ads from the Start menu, Explorer, Settings, and more with just a few clicks.

It is easy to use, fulfills its purpose, and is available for free. The fact that it was created by a Linux enthusiast makes it even more remarkable.

For Linux users who might feel disappointed that the developer did not advocate for abandoning Windows, the GitHub repository for OFGB includes a message from Maddy that says, “Psst, Want to avoid all this mess?” This suggests that there may be an alternative solution for those who wish to avoid the issues with Windows 11 without migrating to Linux.

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