Watch Microsoft’s Bitlocker encryption bypassed in just 43 seconds: Breaking through Windows disk security

21 views 1:23 am 0 Comments February 8, 2024

BitLocker is a crucial component of Microsoft’s data protection approach and is designed to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. It encrypts the entire contents of a disk drive, including the operating system, system files, and user data, using a symmetric encryption algorithm like AES.

To access the encrypted information, a user must provide a pre-boot authentication password or use additional methods like a PIN or a USB key. BitLocker can also work with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to enhance security by ensuring that encryption keys remain secure.

For Windows 11 users, having a TPM chip is a requirement as it helps in storing encryption keys and ensuring a verified system state for system boot. However, security researcher Stacksmashing demonstrated the ability to steal the BitLocker disk encryption key from a laptop in just 43 seconds using a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in the system.

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